Practice and Event

2023 Practice Dates

Practices are every two (2) weeks via zoom.  For more information contact us via email.

First practice, Sunday, January 22, 2023 2pm ET


2023 Events

Alma, Michigan - competition  (Memorial weekend  Saturday and Sunday)

St. Clair Shares, Michigan - Alma is a two day competition.  (Memorial weekend Sunday 28 May.) Response by May 1, 2023

Saline, Michigan - Fund raiser (July 8, 2023.  Band has been requested to play.  6 pipers, 1 bass, 2 snare dummer minmum )

Livonia, Michigan - St. Andrew's  competition (1st weekend in August)

Grosse Pointe, Michigan - Fund raiser (Friday after Thanksgiving)

Annual Tax Procedures

Due: May 15 annually.  Complete IRS form 990.  Do not use the 990EZ form, even if you can.  Get use and familiar with the to long form.

Due: June 1 annually.  Complete State of Michigan form CTS-01 or CTS02 or CTS03.  The first year is either CTS-01 or CTS03.  Afterwards CTS02.  June 1 is 6 month after the closing of the previous years finance books are closed.

Due: October 1 annually.  State of Michigan form xxxxxxx

Purchase Tax Exempt Procedures

As a nonprofit organization the Detroit Highlanders Inc. is exempt from State of Michigan Taxes. When purchasing item(s) for the Detroit Highlanders, please provide the vendor: