In early 2021, a few pipers got together and thought it would be nice to recreate the Detroit Highlanders Pipe Band with the objective of having fun while providing the opportunity for every bagpiper and drummer to  improve their skills.

We are NOT  trying to nor do we want to recruit bagpipers or drummers from other bands to be permanent members of the Detroit Highlanders Pipe Band.  It is very important that current bagpipers and drummers in existing pipe bands stay with their band to support their "local" band. 

All are welcome to participate.  Generally, we start practices late September or early in the year (February/March) via virtual meetings and met every two weeks.  In late April we start to meet in person.  Our outdoor practices are held in local parks within different cities.  This helps to accommodate and prevent the same people from traveling far.  

All bagpipers are encouraged to offer tunes that they feel would be nice to learn.  In late May or June, the band members decide if the band wants to compete in the St. Andrews competition.  This competition is always on the first week in August.

If the members choose to compete, (Late June early July) then the members select the tunes to be used in the competition and focus on those tunes until the competition.

After the St. Andrews competition? 
The Detroit Highlanders Pipe Band do plan to make appearance throughout the year.  

What if I am in a different pipe band that is competing at the same competition?
No problem and more power to you and your band.  You and your band can use the same tunes and drum scores.  Remember, the Detroit Highlanders Pipe Band is not here to win, but to challenge and compete against ourselves while helping other bagpipers and drummers.

Participants are from other bands with people located in Grand Rapids (MI),  Royal Oak(MI), Detroit(MI), Rochester(MI), Dearborn(MI).  The grade level of the bagpipers range from "Grade 5" to "Grade 1".

Do we teach beginners? Absolutely yes.